Accessories: Batteries, Flashes & Supports

Libec RT30B Tripod (75mm)
Lightweight design, yet ensures high stability and rigidity.

Libec RT50C Tripod Carbon Pipe
Outstanding stability and rigidity.

Libec Cable EX 530DV
Extention zoom cable Canon and Panasonic cameras.

Libec A 12P Connector
Use for 12pin connector.

Libec SP-2B Spreader
Floor spreader.

Libec DL-8B Dolly
Versatile length dolly.

Nipros OPU-300 Optical Power Supply
240VAC-100VAC input.

Nipros BDC-75 Multi Cable
Multi Cable for NIPROS Monitors/Viewfinders

Nipros ESC-25 Cable
25 meter 26pin Hybrid Multi-Core Cable

Nipros LR-68 Battery Case
AA Battery Sliding Case for NIPROS Audio Mixers